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PeopleSavers is First Aid For Kids

We come to your classroom or community group.


PeopleSavers is a 4-level program developed by the Canadian Red Cross to teach safety awareness and first aid skill to elementary children.

Lessons taught by our PeopleSavers Facilitators are supported with colouring workbooks for each level. 

Participants follow the PeopleSavers character for each level through a variety of everyday situations that are potentially dangerous and they learn to Check for Safety, Call for Help, and Care for an injured person.

The PeopleSavers mascot is always there to reinforce the safety message: "Prepare! Stay Stay! Survive!"



The 4 Level program 
Level 1:   Ages 5-6     1 hour 
Level 2:   Ages 6-8     2 hours
Level 3:  Ages 8-10   3 hours
Level 4:  Ages 10-12 4 hours 

*Although each level reinforces the skills learned at an earlier level, the participants can join the PeopleSavers program at any level.
First aid for Kids in red deer


Each Level of the PeopleSavers Program offers 5 sections

1. Canadian Red Cross: The participants learn about the Canadian Red Cross Services in Red Deer and around the world. 

2. I am a PeopleSaver: The participants learn that everyone can be a PeopleSaver and that a PeopleSaver knows how to "Prepare! Stay Safe! and Survive!"

3. Check for Safety: The participants learn how to evaluate their surroundings and what constitutes a safe environment both at home and in the community.

4. Call for Help: The participants learn when, who, and how to call for help in an emergency.

5. Care for a Person: The participants learn to care for and comfort an injured person in many situations. In level one no care is shown only calling for help.  

 PeopleSavers learn the following skills: 

  • Care for cuts, scrapes, and bleeding
  • Care for unconsciousness
  • Care for comfort
  • Care for poisoning
  • Care for burns
  • Care for chocking
  • Care for broken bones
Material varies depending on PeopleSaver Level.

First Aid for Kids PeopleSavers Red Deer


$50/hr flat fee for any size group. 

Contact Bullseye Safety:

Krystal or Jonathan Wieler


Downtown Red Deer, #303, 4825 47th St.  

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